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WikiLeaks reward $100,000 for the recording call Comey-Trump

WikiLeaks has put a $100,000 reward for possible recordings of the talk between President Trump and the fired FBI boss James Comey. The whistleblower website reacts to a tweet of Trump.

“James Comey hopes there will be no recordings of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.” That was tweeted by the US president 13.05.2017. The twitter message is seen as a threat to James Comey.

Whether the talks between Trump and Comey were recorded is very much the question. After the Watergate scandal, no president has dared to venture there, fearing that it would explode in their face like Nixon. White House spokesman Sean Spicer did not respond to a question about this. “The president has nothing to add here,” said the spokesman during his daily press briefing.

Whether they exist or not, whistleblower website WikiLeaks would like to hand in any recordings. And so promise a $100,000 reward for it. The website also encourages people to transfer extra money, in Bitcoins, so that the promised amount can still be incurred.

Russian Connection
James Comey was previously sent out the lane as director of the FBI intelligence service. Why he got the sack is not entirely clear, because the White House gave contradictory statements about it.

Observers think it is related to an FBI investigation into potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump himself said he had come to Comey’s assurance that he was not investigated in connection with unauthorized ties with the Russians.

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