protest demonstration on labor day 1st may 2017
Turkey: Turkisch Police Arrests Hundreds of Demonstrants on 1st May

The police in Istanbul set up more than two hundred demonstrators on May 1st to March. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also shot off into the crowd.

In many cities, meetings took place on the 1st of May on the occasion of Labor Day.

The unions that organized the demonstrations promised not to arrive at Taksim Square in advance, a place where traditionally many protests against the government take place. However, a group of protesters tried to go to the square.


There was a lot of police effort to monitor the demonstrations. Several helicopters flew over the city. Demonstrators who went to Taksim Square were chased by the police in the Mecidiyeköy district.
Also in the Besiktas district, dozens of people were arrested.

According to a spokesman for the municipality of Istanbul, 40 Molotov cocktails, seventeen hand grenades and 176 pieces of fireworks were seized.

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fter the failed coup in the summer of 2016, tens of thousands of Turkish critics were fired or arrested. Last 3,900 officials were sent away because they would have sympathy for Gülen. It was mainly about employees of the ministries of justice and religion.

The counter was already around 120,000 redundancies for the final wave. More than 40,000 people have now been arrested for having false ideas.

Last weekend, Turkey blocked information site Wikipedia. This because the online encyclopedia refuses to remove articles claiming that Turkey supports terrorist organizations.

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