Trump's right. Afghanistan is a mess!
Trump's right. Afghanistan is a mess!
Trump’s right: it’s a mess in Afghanistan, this should have ended..

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This winter for the first time not stalled the fight in Afghanistan. President Trump faces a difficult decision now fighting with milder weather further threatening to erupt.


This winter for the first time not stalled the fight in Afghanistan. President Trump faces a difficult decision now fighting with milder weather further threatening to erupt.

US President Donald Trump likes to complain that “a mess” he inherited from his predecessor, Barack Obama. He has Most of these accusations that are not substantiated. But when it comes to the conflict in Afghanistan, the longest war America has ever fought, Trump has a point.

Because the Taliban just keep gaining ground in Afghanistan. It is, despite severe winter weather, a lot of fighting, not only in the south, where the fundamentalist fighters traditionally strong. Also were stationed in Uruzgan province, where former Dutch soldiers in the northeastern region of Kunduz and in the northwest there is struggle. And there are at every turn attacks. Last Wednesday arrived in the capital Kabul 22 people killed in a double suicide bombing.

New Fronts
“The time is past when the fighting in the winter stupor,” said Timor Sharan, Afghanistan analyst for International Crisis Group. “The Taliban are trying constantly to open new fronts.”

Experts blame Obama that he was mainly guided in his decisions about Afghanistan by internal political considerations in the US So Obama made the decision for the majority of US troops to withdraw end of 2014 especially in view of forthcoming elections to the Congress. The president continued to suggest long he would withdraw all US troops by the end of his second term, which he encouraged the Taliban.

Moreover, Obama gave US troops the vague statement that they could only give air support to Afghan forces as would an enemy action have ‘strategic consequences. An unclear instruction, where commanders were difficult to cope with. “Obama’s policies have created a lot of uncertainty in Afghanistan,” said Afghan analyst Sharan. “The Taliban have got the feeling that they can win the war.”

Afghanistan Territory

Fear of ISIS
Sharan says that he has just visited the eastern province of Nangarhar, where terror group Islamic State operates. According to him, Afghan and US troops have curbed the advance of IS, but many people are not confident that Americans remain in the coming years.

“People behave like IS already is in power,” said Sharan. “Women cover themselves completely, no music sounds more, almost no one wants to be associated more openly with the government. Many people are worried that IS a few years won yet, and no one would then be accused of collaborating with the enemy.

Today NATO has 12,600 troops in Afghanistan, including 8,400 Americans. 2500 commandos carry out attacks on terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State. The train other soldiers, advise and support the Afghan army. US NATO commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, recently warned in a hearing before a Senate committee that he has “several thousand” necessary additional troops to prevent the Taliban continue to gain ground.

What is Trump going to do?
To what extent Trump will listen to his commander, is questionable. “I like to judge very difficult,” says Peter Wijninga, a defense expert at the Hague HCSS think tank, who served in the past in Afghanistan. “Trump twitters and raves like crazy, but it is completely unclear what he will do.”

However, the US president earlier already indicated that he wants to screw up the fight against Islamic terrorism. And he has two Afghanistan veterans, the generals James Mattis and Herbert Raymond McMaster, appointed respectively minister of defense and national security. Experts suspect therefore that Trump will actually send thousands of additional troops. That will be just enough to keep the Afghan government in the saddle, but far too little to push the Taliban on the defensive and to force the negotiating table.

“I think 2017 is one of the worst years in the Afghan war,” says analyst Sharan. “It is a very tough test for the Afghan army.”

What are the Chinese doing in Afghanistan?

When an Indian news site recently published photos of Chinese military vehicles patrolling in Afghanistan, was fodder for conspiracy theorists. For what led the Chinese people in their shells in Afghanistan? they perhaps wanted to take over the role of the Americans who start to get enough of the intervention in the Asian country, which has been going on since 2001.

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