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Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and the Iranian leader Rohani. © EPA
Threat Russia & Iran: Americans must be careful in Syria

If the United States have resumed the attack in Syria, the country can expect a strong reaction from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. “They know very well what we are capable of,” reads the joint threat.

Russia and Iran will strike back hard with the Shiite militia Hezbollah and if the US attack its ally Syria again. Which the two allies have let know in a joint statement .

The rocket attack on a Syrian air base last Friday passed the Americans claimed to be the “red line”.

“Attacks intolerable”

Both countries called the US attack unacceptable. They want an independent investigation into the spread of poison gas on 4 April.

The poison gas attack, where about 85 people have been slain, was for the US to attack Syria occasion.

Should this happen again, Americans can expect a strong reaction from Russia and Tehran. They argue that Washington “knows very well what we are capable off.” They also warn that American soldiers who help Kurdish militias there in northern Syria are illegal.

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