The IS prefers to stage itself as a strong state with its own army. But it is above all a criminal organization.
Terrorist Europe: Has the IS become more dangerous?

Strategies of terrorist groups are perfidious and modern. Islamists recruit their assassins among criminals, but also refugees.

Berlin / Cairo. The smaller the circle of associates, the better. The less talked about the attack in the group, the less vulnerable is the plan for the intelligence services. It does not need a complex terror plot, no self-made explosives, it is enough to buy in the hardware store: an ax, a knife. A stolen or rented truck is enough.

The “Islamic State” in his propaganda magazine “Dabiq”, issue 4, summer 2014, is the guide for its terrorist strategy. Several attacks have already taken place according to this pattern – and now Tathergang and Tatort are saying that according to this pattern also the assassination On the Berlin Christmas market.

It lacked “Allahu Akbar” calls

And something else is added: The terrorist organization IS has claimed the attack on Tuesday night for itself. A “Soldier of the Islamic State” had carried out the “Operation after calls for an attack on members of the coalition states”, a message from the IS-close “Amaq agency”, a pseudo news agency of the Islamists.


Video The German Federal Criminal Police Office is now openly investigating the attack in Berlin on Monday. Urgently suspicious is a 24-year-old Tunisian, Anis Amri.

The suspect is to be submitted to Germany in July 2015. Since February 2016, according to the words of NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, he had been mainly in Berlin. The man had noticed various security authorities with contact with the Salafist scene and had been classified by the authorities as a “threat” since November. The suspect was a rejected asylum seeker, who could not be taken to Tunisia because of missing evacuations. The Federal Criminal Police Office issued a reward of up to EUR 100,000 for references leading to the seizure of the man.
From the attack, “Amaq” does not reveal any knowledge that only the perpetrator might have. Also a video or photos of the attacker does not publish the network. Evidence that the IS is actually behind the assassination attempt of Berlin, is currently not. In addition, it is unusual for an IS assassin to flee from the crime scene and not shoot him until his death as a “martyr”. Also the typical exclamation “Allahu akbar” apparently in Berlin none of the witnesses on the spot heard.

Assassination does not change threat

Nevertheless, in the past, IS letters, in which they claimed terrorism, were found in the past in several cases as provable. Or evidence by the IS itself followed. And with the declaration of the IS after the greatest terror in Germany for many years, the concern of many people is growing: Is the IS more dangerous for the West?

The response is neither reassuring nor alarming: the Federal Criminal Police Office and constitutional protection always emphasize that the threat situation is equally serious and high. The IS has proclaimed the West a terror target – this does not change after the assassination attempt on the Christmas market.

Despite raids, the scene is active in Germany

The police took another suspect on Wednesday: Anis Amri. He should have been active in the context of the radical preacher Ahmad Abdelazziz A. The Islamist had been arrested in November during a raid in a Hildesheim mosque. Amri is supposed to have supported the IS with a group of several Islamists and organized trips to Syria.

This shows that, despite raids, despite the prohibition of association and the imprisonment of individual leading heads, actors of the Salafist and Jihadist scene in Germany are still active and dangerous. How close the contact of strategists of the IS in Syria to Islamists in Berlin, Hildesheim or Hamburg is actually, can only be demonstrated in the individual case. But the spiritual connection of the IS extends from Syria to this point. And that is enough for terrorists.

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Training in the terror camp is not necessary

In the opinion of several experts, such as Thomas Hegghammer from the University of Oslo or Peter Neumann from King’s College in London, the strategy of the IS terrorists is aimed specifically at individual individuals in countries such as the USA, France and Germany. Experts refer to “low-involvement plots”, ie assassinations, which require only a few tools and no special training in weapons. Often, they are single-acters who strike.

You no longer have to be in the al-Qaeda terror camp – it is enough to be so radicalized in a German small town by propaganda that you can strike on your own behalf in the name of the IS. How close to the planning and execution of the contact or the personnel and material support by IS-fighters is varied. The jihadism researcher Petter Nesser writes: “The number of these attacks by sympathizers has greatly increased.”

The number of “threats” is increasing

According to Nesser’s investigation, the call for IS-speaker Abu Mohammed al-Adnani played a decisive role in September 2014. Al-Adnani then asked American and European sympathizers precisely this form of “low-involvement plots”. While the researchers spent two years without any of these attacks in the West, the number rose in ten months after al-Adnani’s appeal to 21. No coincidence, says Nesser.

And in Germany too, the number of Islamists, which the security authorities trust a violent attack, has risen significantly in recent years. 549 people currently classify police and constitutional protection as a “threat”. The Anis Amri, now suspected of being involved in the attack in Berlin, also belongs to this circle. The BKA spoke in mid-November of 530. A good year ago, according to the constitution, there were still 420.

Large reservoir of assassins

Not all endangered persons live in Germany, many are abroad, for example in Turkey or Syria. And the number may also have increased due to the increased attention of the security authorities and the numerous police measures.

What is clear is that the reservoir of potential assassins is big for the IS – the professional propaganda appeals to young people, the distribution through the Internet and social networks is much easier than it was ten years ago. State measures, on the other hand, have become much more difficult.

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