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Chemical gas attack
An injured Syrian child receives medical treatment after Assad Regime warplanes carried out aerial attacks on residential areas in Kafr Batna district of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus. (Image: Getty Images)
Gas Attack Syria victims show signs of nerve gas death risen to 72

Gas Attack: The victims of the suspected poison gas attack in Syria exhibit symptoms that occur when a person is exposed to nerve gas. This is the World Health Organization announced Wednesday.

The death toll from the attack on Khan Sheikhoun has risen to 72. Rescuers were still able to find survivors on Wednesday. They had been hiding in safe places, near the site of the attack. According to a Syrian opposition group the city Wednesday again targeted by air strikes.

The opposition denied that would have become a store of chemicals with the rebels in the attack Tuesday. The second man of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) called that assertion of Russia ‘a lie’. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense would be released poison gas in this manner.

According to Moscow “appear the injuries of the victims of the victims of previous attacks in which terrorists used chemical weapons. So would jihadists have used poison gas in Aleppo last year. Do all rumors circulated that for years the rebels have chemical weapons. However, this has never been confirmed.

France wants response from Trump
The US government should provide as France clarify its attitude towards the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, after the poison gas attack Tuesday in the Syrian province of Idlib. The attack is “a test” for Washington, said French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault Tuesday on French radio.

Ayrault challenged Americans from Wednesday in the UN Security Council to show their cards. It meets this morning at 10 am (local time) met at the request of France and Britain to speak in a public emergency session about what the world in numerous reactions called a “horrific act.

“I told them we need clarity,” said Ayrault. “What is your position?” The question, according to the French Minister of Americans support a political transition in Syria that will ultimately result in the departure of Assad.

The United States last week announced that it no longer push for the resignation of Assad. A “new reality” dictates of the American UN ambassador Nikki Haley all the attention now paid to defeating Islamic State.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer condemned the poison gas attack Tuesday as a “horrendous” act “can not be ignored by the civilized world.” What will the US response remained vague.

“I can not say anything about the next step,” said Spicer, who then former President Barack Obama suggested partly responsible for the events in Idlib. The actions of the Assad regime are a result of the weakness and indecisiveness of the previous government.

Obama said in 2012 that use of chemical weapons in Syria a “red line” would be exceeded, but when that happened shortly thereafter, indeed, the US refrained from intervening.

Very sharp example
Even for UN sanctions against Syria, the poison gas attacks so far not led. Western resolutions were each hit by vetoes from Russia and China, most recently in February. According to the British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, the seat of the Security Council today also intended to put pressure on those who previously vetoed statements “and ask them what they are now planning.

Netherlands has condemned the gifaanval ‘very sharp’. It seems that the Assad regime is responsible, said Foreign Minister Bert Koenders.
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