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Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN offline at Christmas? DDoS attacks Again?

Offline: 24.12.2016 at 12:45 The Christmas is approaching – and probably in many gifts games or gaming hardware, which want to be tried out. But is that also possible?

If it is after some hacker groupings goes, all games fans the holidays are properly hailed. Steam had already been down for several hours.

Christmas time is … obviously DDoS time. Already last year there were announcements of larger attacks on popular game platforms. In fact, ultimately, comparatively little has happened. Whether this year is the same? If it goes after the grouping LizardSuad, then not. According to a report from the editorial team of WinFuture, the gentlemen announced in the meantime no longer available Twitter messages namely extraordinary downtimes among other things for Steam.

The grouping – and others as well – will also be responsible for the steam failure on 23 December. In Valve’s game platform, it was called for several hours: Steam down. The portal allstö also had problems with, Playstation Network and Xbox Live on the evening of 23rd December. It is to be hoped that this year there will also be isolated problems and no major failures. And hopefully, we also spared a Christmas break at Steam like last year.

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