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The real reason why Trump fired Comey
The REAL Reason Trump Fired Comey – Worse Than You think

He’s proposing that James Comey acquired too much dirt on powerful people during the investigation into The Lolita Express and Jeffrey Epstein and by firing him he mitigates the threat he poses while simultaneously providing a red-herring to dominate the news cycle while worldwide tensions escalate.

Here’s a pretty interesting video from Storm Clouds Gathering (transcript here).

Now Mr. Comey did behave in a bizarre fashion during the Election. We won’t dive into the details here (lots of wedge issues there). But if you look at that story again in the context of a network of compromised politicians, royalty and ceo’s, one could make the case that it played out something like this: Comey was ordered to stand down. He resisted at first. He saw evidence of corruption. So levers were pulled. Bill Clinton’s conversation with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac was part of this, but we’ll probably never know the full extent. Everyone has skeletons in their closets. Very few have the integrity to do what’s right when facing total ruin.Comey capitulated, but not before he demonstrated that he has a disobedient streak. This combined with the fact that he presided over the FBI during the investigation into the Lolita Express and therefore has access to information that could destroy Trump, Clinton and ultimately a whole gaggle of well placed puppets makes him a liability. Trump’s handlers want Comey replaced with someone who is compromised, and compliant, with a spotless public image.

Essentially, Comey had evidence of wrongdoing but when pressed he stood down but still had the evidence in his back pocket. He then goes on to state that the whole Russian collusion scandal was cooked up by the Clinton campaign and perpetuated by Trump as a red-herring to distract us from the real narrative – the escalation of WWIII.

Now let’s get back to those red herrings. Trump wants the left to obsess about Russia. That’s why he timed the firing to be during the …

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