It is hard for Iraqi army to get of rid ISIS in Mosul. "The most intensive urban warfare since Beirut," reports the US Army. imagePhoto: ap Manu Brabo en nd
The real ISIS campaigns are bizarre violent

Liberate Mosul by the end of this year, as was the aim, it seems an illusion. ISIS is fighting there with an amazing tenacity.

But elsewhere the terrorist organization carries out the atrocities. Especially in the Sinai goes even beyond its borders. Israel is watching with suspicion and preparing for.

Mosul – Sinai

“This is a horrible act which nobody understands,” so responded Monday Chancellor Angela Merkel on the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. ISIS Tuesday took responsibility: “The person who carried out the attack in Berlin is a soldier of the Islamic State. He performed the operation after calling for attacks on civilians by the coalition states. ”

isis war liberation for mosul
The coalition states in which ISIS refers, the countries are fighting together against ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria, such as France, Germany and the Netherlands.

In the war against ISIS the battle for Mosul is now …

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