Every month Patch Day is waiting for some Windows updates. But in February 2017 there is a delay.
Patchday February 2017: Updates arrive on March 14th

Those who had expected the next series of updates during the patch day in February 2017 were disappointed. Problems caused a shift.

Update: Microsoft has announced that Patch Day patches will be released in February, corrected, on

March 14 as part of March Patch Day. In the message, the Windows developers continue to provide no information about what errors were discovered at the last minute.

Until then, legitimate criticism of the practice of Microsoft can be practiced. Since the Redmonder updates for Windows and Co. only offer collected, probably several patches (also error-free individual packages) just as well. These could be bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities – such as Flash for the Microsoft Browser Edge and Internet Explorer, or updates for Windows and Office.

Original message from 15 February:
Microsoft announced in a short post on the Technet blog that a shift of the current updates for February 2017 is necessary. The Redmonders decided to take this step, because in the short term a problem arose that could affect some users and should not be solved in a timely manner. Further details regarding the corresponding, faulty update and which users could be affected, remains Microsoft’s fault.

For a long time, every second Tuesday of the month is Patchday. At this, Microsoft rolls out all available updates collected in one go. After Microsoft began this practice in 2005, Oracle and Adobe and SAP followed in 2010. This is especially helpful for administrators, so they do not have to work with every patch and have to upgrade a large number of PCs and laptops, depending on the company.