oil company Saudi Aramco
Oil Saudi Aramco is regarded as the most valuable company in the world

The Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco is regarded as the most valuable company in the world – is now considering Saudi Arabia an IPO.

Oil Minister Ali bin Ibrahim al-Naimi is head of the Saudi oil-diplomacy and thus the most important figure of the OPEC cartel.

As Ali bin Ibrahim al-Naimi was born, the incredible wealth under the ground of his country is still a vague conjecture. And no one is aware that this boy will later belong to the most powerful men in the world.

In 1935, the first exploratory drilling in the desert are two years ago and have been unsuccessful, al-Naimi is the son of a shepherd to the world. He, too, is to be a shepherd, at home he tends sheep – until he is twelve years old delivery boy and American managers serving coffee.
Aramco said the company was still, Arabian American Oil Company, the Americans call the shots and make the oil.

Today al-Naimi of powerful oil minister is worldwide, he is with his staff master of the oil diplomacy of Saudi Arabia and one of the most important figures in the history of Saudi Aramco, which is among the most valuable companies in the world.

Soon could Saudi Aramco also the most valuable listed companies be worldwide, reports the British Economist. Saudi Arabia is considering therefore a partial IPO of the oil company. There is talk of bringing initially accounted for perhaps five percent on the stock market in Riyadh. Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the magazine that he personally would be delighted with a stock market listing: “I think that would be in the interest of the Saudi market and the interest of Aramco.” A decision should fall in the coming months.

Most Aramco´s worldwide

Whether IPO or not: If the OPEC cartel will meet for talks every six months, oil minister Ali al-Naimi applies bin Ibrahim as the main figure. As the tone, though he speaks little, but if so, briefly and clearly. The fact that the oil price is so low, also has to do with the fact that OPEC has its self-imposed production quotas is not shortened until November 2014 and is now approved in early December in fact from her. In both cases, al-Naimi said to have it enforced against all opposition from countries such as Iran, Algeria and Venezuela.

In his rather rare public appearances, he is never alone – the only 1.58 meters large al-Naimi is surrounded by numerous bodyguards and assistants. Always very well maintained, a friend of the early sport in the park, the 79- or 80-year-old does not seem to age – his exact age is unknown. He is one who is always absolutely controlled and diplomatically. After his words, the price of oil rises or falls within seconds. The jogging journalists chase to get quotes. al-Naimi, a studied geologist who makes a secret of his strategy and price forecasts denied: Only Allah knows how the oil price develops, he said during the summer.

Ironically, the Americans promote the young al-Naimi.
He was heard first from 1983 to be the first Saudi chief of Saudi Aramco and 1995 as oil minister, who does not come from the royal family and even the Shiite minority known.

As the Americans noticed his talent, send al-Naimi to school. Aramco paid him to study, first in Lebanon and then in Pennsylvania. Later he makes the master at Stanford University in California and returns as a geologist and expert oil after Saudi Arabia. As the Group in 1980 finally completely belongs to the Saudis, al-Naimi is appointed to the Executive Board and has been extended three years thereafter boss. As a minister, he changed from 1995 to the OPEC and makes its tough policy meeting at the end of the nineties to short meetings of businessmen who want to earn as much money with their oil. The time of the oil weapon, it will explain in 2001, was over. Never again oil crisis diplomacy as in the seventies.

He always used Saudi Arabia’s role as oil central bank, which increases the flow when necessary, if the capacity to close and the prices are too high, or less promotes if oil is too cheap.

Now that the end of his term is approaching, he had to give up this role. The United States promoted the meantime so much how for more than 40 years no longer. Russia’s oil production is at record high. The world has changed. And al-Naimi: makes the preservation of the Saudi share of the world market on the merits of its strategy. If he assigns soon, observers say, give it to no one who is so smart and so fills the role as he.