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Nokia, upcoming Smartphones 2017 – Possibly number 1 again

The logo of Nokia will be displayed along with the look of the upcoming Nokia Edge smartphone …

Smartphone enthusiasts have anticipated the arrival of potential Nokia phones that can include the Devices C1, Nokia Edge, Nokia D1C and Nokia E1.
In Nokia’s partnership with HMD Global, there is a great opportunity for the company to surpass these new year’s goals. 2017, Nokia C1, Nokia Edge, Nokia D1C and Nokia E1 will play an important role. It will probably serve as a springboard for the company to achieve its goal. So that the name will once again reach the top of the mobile industry.

Firstly, rumors of high-end flagship products will try to convince consumers around the world. Nokia Edge and Nokia C1 will likely be the company’s high-end offer this year. The price will be from 370 € to 470 €. Accordingly, the former does not have a dedicated chipset yet, but can have an octa core processor with 3GB of RAM based on a separate report. The latter on the other hand, is to be equipped with Snapdragon 830 paired with 4 GB of RAM, 5-inch display with a FullHD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and running Android 7.0 nougat, according to digital trends.
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For its mid-range offer it was reported that a variant of Nokia D1C is likely to be enough. A previously reported large spiked details some likely specifications of Nokia D1C. The Nokia mobile phone can contain Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 1.4GHz, Adreno 505 GPU and 2GB of RAM. Alternatively, another setup can also use Snapdragon 600 Series processor and 4GB of RAM as mentioned in a separate report.

Finally, Nokia E1, which can be viewed as a low-end smartphone from the company.
From a 1.4GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor along with Adreno 308 GPU.
With the information added, Nokia E1 can only cost 140 € for the mentioned phone specifications.
Regarding its release date, it is speculated that Nokia mobile devices are likely to arrive in the first quarter of this year. This would probably happen in line with the forthcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

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