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No asphalt, but solar panels as a highway
No asphalt, but solar panels as highway

Normandy in France, built a road with built-in solar panels. The cost is 5 million, but not everyone is convinced that it works.

One kilometer of road in Tourouvre-au-Perche is paved with 2,800 square meters of solar panels. The next two years will be tested whether the road generates enough energy to operate the street lights in the village.

The road was inaugurated by the French Environment Minister Segolene Royal. Daily will benefit some 2,000 road users of the street. Royal wants to see solar panels in 1,000 kilometers of French motorways.

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But not everyone is enthusiastic about the project. It is not a cost effective use of taxpayers’ money, says.

“It is without doubt a technical advance,” says Marc Jedliczka Network for Energy at Le Monde. “But to develop renewable energy, there are other priori ties than a gadget-which we are confident the price than Whether it works.”

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