Kabul: Deadcount rises up to 150

Last week’s death attack in Kabul has risen to more than 150. That says Afghan president Ashraf Ghani.
This is the deadliest attack in Kabul since 2001.

An explosive blocked in a car dropped off during the busy morning hustle, causing many civilians to escape. The previous death rate was nineteen, and 460 injured.

It is not clear what the precise goal of the attack was. The car bomb exploded in a neighborhood where many embassies are located. For example, German, Turkish, Chinese and French embassies suffered damage. According to Ghani, it is possible that the “diplomatic community” was the target.

The attack has not been claimed yet. The Taliban immediately stressed the day of the attack that the explosion is not their job. According to the Afghan intelligence service, preliminary findings show that the militant Afghan Haqqani network is behind the attack, Sky News reported earlier.

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Sky News

By Adam Arnold, News Reporter

Afghan intelligence officials have blamed Taliban-affiliated militants with the help of Pakistani security services for a truck bombing in Kabul that killed 90 people.

Up to 400 others were injured when the suicide attacker drove into the capital’s diplomatic quarter during the morning rush-hour before setting off explosives.

The blast left a 16ft-deep crater near Zanbaq Square in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, where foreign embassies are located, including the German premises which was badly damaged.

Most of the fatalities were civilians, including women and children. Nine Afghan security guards at the US embassy also died as well as another guard at the German equivalent.

The embassies of China, Turkey, France, India and Japan also reported damage, while the BBC said one of its drivers was killed and four of its journalists were wounded. Eleven US contractors were also hurt.