Japan sends the largest navy ship to escort waters around North Korea

One of the two largest ships in the Japanese navy has been escorted to escort an American ship that is heading to the waters around North Korea.

The helicopter carrier Izumo joins an American supply ship, which includes the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its escort ships, the BBC reports Monday.

North Korea has previously threatened to attack these ships. Last weekend a missile test was carried out by the Stalinist country.

The 249-meter-long Izumo has, besides nine helicopters, a series of defenses on board that, among other things, can protect against a missile attack.

It is the first time a Japanese navy ship is running such a mission since the easing of the laws on what the Japanese military device may do. This relaxation includes, among other things, the Japanese armed forces to protect allies who defend Japan against an enemy, in this case North Korea.

The Japanese armed forces have been bound to the constitution since the lost World War II, which only allows for violence in the event of self-defense.

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