trump speech
trump speech
Trump speech, How much is the truth?

A Trump speech always means overtime for the fact checkers. His appearance before Congress was no exception. How did the US President hold this to the truth this time? Source has reviewed some of its statements.

51 Lies in 61 minutes. These are numbers that fit well into the image of Trump as a notorious liar.
This accusation can be underlined by figures. For example, the American research project Politifact has reviewed more than 370 statements from the 45th US President on its truth content in recent months. The result: 70 percent of the allegations were partial or completely wrong. By comparison, Trump’s official predecessor, Barack Obama, was 26 percent.

Did Trump really lied all about 72 seconds when he presented the agenda for his presidency yesterday in the Capitol? It’s not that easy. For many of his testimonies we can find evidence. However, these are often not torn out of context or one-sided. And some things are simply wrong. A selection.

“94 million Americans are not part of the working population.”
This number is correct. However, it also leads astray. For it includes all Americans, who are older than 16 years and are not working at the moment. This also includes pupils and students, pensioners and parents who are not looking for work at the moment. This makes the figure hardly suitable for drawing conclusions on the situation on the American labor market.

This, by the way, gives official figures for success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the US in January was 4.8 percent, equivalent to 7.6 million people without jobs. However, this number is also problematic because it does not involve the people who actually want a job, but have abandoned the search for it. But their share of the cited 94 million Americans is estimated as low

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