Gadgets the Ultimate gifts

gadgets: Shopping for guys can sometimes be a bit difficult. However, we have put together a great gift guide here with plenty of gifts for any guy. These gifts include drones, TV’s, set-top boxes, and much more. Let’s have a look.

DJI Phantom 3 Drone

gadgets drone

lying drones is pretty freaking cool. You can also get some really cool footage from cameras attached to these drones as well. This DJI Phantom 3 does have a camera below it that shoots in 4K, which brings some really amazing footage. Not to mention it has a 3-axis gimbal which keeps the Phantom 3 nice and stable when flying it.

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Microsoft Band

Microsoft has a great fitness band here that can track just about everything. Not just your steps, running and more. Not only that, you can see incoming notifications, text messages and more. It does work with the Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms.

gadget fitness band microsoft

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