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After the G20 chaos: Thousands of hamburger meet to clean up
G20: Police set up special commission – De Maizière reckons with G20 chaos

The G20 summit is over. At the meeting of the 20 most important industrialized and emerging countries, the heads of state and government agreed on a joint final declaration.

The summit in Hamburg was overshadowed by massive violent riots. All information in the news ticker from FOCUS Online.

  • G20 countries find compromises in some points
  • Climate disagreement with USA in final declaration
  • The results of the tough negotiations at a glance
  • More than 200 police officers injured in violent excesses
  • Merkel tells the victims of the riots to help them quickly


The most important thing in the near future: The G20 countries at the summit in Hamburg have kept their consensus with arduous compromises. Summit leader Angela Merkel was satisfied with the presentation of the joint final statement.

On Friday evening, the situation in the Hamburg “Schanzenviertel” was extremely escalated. Under the protection of special forces, policemen faced about 1,500 militant autonomists. Also on Saturday and in the night to Sunday came to partial heavy riots. The police used moors against protesters. Chancellor Merkel denounced the “unleashed violence and unrestrained brutality” in the protests.

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Press conference of the Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière
Time: 13:50 de Maizière further explains that it is assumed that the acts of violence were planned long-term. To injure police officers and to bring combat equipment across the border in small groups. “We expect a one-two-year preparation from the left-wing area.”
Except for a small group at the edge of an event, de Maizière did not know that right-wing extremists were involved in the riots.

Time: 13:40 In a statement to the G20 riots in Hamburg, Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière charged with the violent demonstrator. He described the rioters as “despicable, violent extremists.”
The Minister of the Interior took the police to reproach himself to provoke himself. “When police detach mute from other protesters, this is the legal order. Enforcement of applicable law is not a provocation.”

In addition to the riots in Hamburg, three-digit violence tourists from other countries were also present.
De Maizière thanked the policeman for their efforts. “What they have experienced, they will not forget so quickly, including those who have not suffered physical injuries.” Of the injured federal policymakers, who belong to the competence of the Federal Minister of the Interior, two would be in inpatient treatment.
De Maizière also made it clear: “There will continue to be such summits in German cities.” Such events can only be held in cities like Hamburg. “We will not allow offenders to decide when and where such meetings may take place.”

Police set up special commission on G20 riots
Time: 13:24 After all the harsh riots at the G20 summit, the Hamburg authorities are keen to make the violators and those responsible responsible accountable.

The police set up a special commission for this. “There is an immense number of indications of the offenders from the population,” said an employee of the interior designer Andy Grote (SPD) on Monday of the German press agency.

People sent pictures of masked and unmasked alleged offenders. “It is a flood of information that needs to be passed through now.”
The police also set up infomobile for victims. In the morning, the first inhabitants came to the Schanzenviertel, which was particularly affected by the riots. In the Altona district, where dozens of cars had been burned, people were able to get support and advice.

SPD parliamentary party Stoch for European extremist file
Time: 12:42 SPD parliamentary party Andreas Stoch after the G20 riots for a European extremist file pronounced. This would prevent the arrival of violent activists from Europe, for example, by means of reporting requests at the place of residence, said Stoch on Monday in Stuttgart. That’s what other politicians had called for. “Whoever cares cars, plundering shops and attacking policemen is criminal and punishably punished by the courts,” he said. The Greens in the state parliament also condemned the riots. “Here violent offenders were at work, who were concerned not with political protest, but only with destruction,” said the domestic politician Uli Sckerl. This is inexcusable.
According to police, 476 officers were injured during the G20 summit in Hamburg, 73 from Baden-Württemberg(district in the south of Germany).

Bouffier for decisive action against violence
Time 12:01 After the riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Hesse’s Prime Minister, Volker Bouffier (CDU), demanded a decisive action against all violent offenders. “There can not be any discount for the left, just as little for the right,” he said before meetings of the CDU top-class riders on Monday in Berlin. It had to be worked out carefully, how the police concept had been and what had not worked out.
Bouffier stressed, “If we are no longer prepared to perform major events in a city because there are anarchists, then the state will fail.” He criticized with regard to Hamburg that if one were to take nothing against a “haven of violence” like the left-wing scene center Rote Flora, one should not be surprised if violence exploded.

CDU President Jens Spahn said that left-wing extremism has been declining for years. “Left and parts of SPD and Greens are completely blind on the eye.” If Neo-Nazis had laid themselves in ruins, the indignation would be right. “But leftist fascists with their hatred and violence need the same clear answer.”
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Chancellor Schmeier Altmeier gives Scholz back cover
Time 11:10am Chancellor Peter Altmaier (CDU) rejected demands of his Hamburg party colleagues after a resignation of Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD). “I can not see why he should resign,” said Altmaier on Monday the station NDR Info. The CDU faction of the Hansestadt had demanded the resignation of Scholz on Sunday.
According to the riots at the end of the G20 summit, Altmaier is not concerned with the question of a parteipolitical debate, but with a “dispute between the democrats who defend this state of law”, with radical, autonomous, left-wing minorities who challenged the constitutional state.
Hamburg G20 summit
Altmaier turned against reciprocal blame assignments. “The Bund and Hamburg have jointly prepared this summit, we have planned and carried it together,” he said before meetings of the CDU Prime Ministers on Monday in Berlin. “That is why it is right that we stand together now, and that we do not distract ourselves from who is to blame – a group of unscrupulous rioters, who call themselves left-wing extremists, but in reality, tread everything that makes this state of law.”
Scholz is accused of having reduced the risk of violence before the summit. Hamburg’s CDU faction leader André Trepoll spoke on Sunday of the “biggest political error of a Hamburg mayor of all times”. SPD-Vice-Scholz declined a resignation on Sunday evening. Asked whether he was thinking about resignation, said Hamburg’s head of government in the ARD broadcast “Anne Will”: “No, I do not.” In the Schanzenviertel, on the edge of the summit around the left center of Red Flora, looting and violence took place.

Hamburg’s mayor calls for consequences for demo applicants
Time 09:48 Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) calls for the riots on the edge of the G20 summit consequences for the applicants of “violently degenerate demonstrations”. Scholz told the “Hamburger Abendblatt”. When asked if the city could tolerate the left-wing center of Rote Flora in the Schanzenviertel even longer, he said: “That too must be discussed, and we will have to see who is responsible for what.”
It was cheap when Andreas Blechschmidt and Andreas Beuth of the Red Flora, who had registered the Thursday demo “Welcome to Hell”, now said “that the foreign militants do not listen to them, which will have consequences for the future Hope that no one will buy a piece of bread. ”

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Internal politicians are pushing for European extremist files
Monday, July 10, 07:07 After the violent riots on the edge of the G20 summit in Hamburg, interior politicians from the Union and the SPD demand the introduction of a European extremist file. “We need a comprehensive extremist file, Europe-wide,” said Eva Högl, the vice-chairman of the SPD Bundestag, the “Rheinische Post” (Monday issue). “Then the authorities would have a better overview of violators and could also impose reporting requirements abroad,” said Högl.
The spokesman for the Unions Fraktion in the Bundestag, Stephan Mayer (CSU), told the “Rheinische Post” that he thought a “European extremist file for left radicals would be very useful and supportive”. Mayer also called for a continuation of the G20 summit on the German frontier. The violence in Hamburg shows that “a very active left-wing extremist scene exists in Germany but also in many other European countries,” said Mayer. “The border controls on the German external borders, which had begun before the G20 summit, should therefore continue.”
According to a report from the Funke Media Group (Mondays issues), 673 open arrest warrants were sent to the border controls on the occasion of the G20 summit until Saturday at midnight for offenses that are not related to the G20 meeting in Hamburg. According to the wishes of Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU), the controls on the German Schengen borders are to be continued by Tuesday.

De Maizière had ordered the controls on 12 June to prevent the arrest of potential violators at the Hamburg Summit. The fact that so many other offenders of the border police went into the net was, according to data from security kreise a side-effect of the one-month limited controls, as the newspapers of the spark media group report.