Death toll continues to rise after attacks in Egypt

In two separate bombings in and near churches in the Egyptian city Tanta and Alexandria dozens of people have been killed. Also over a hundred people got injured.

The death toll has risen to 44. The explosion occurred in Tanta in the Coptic Church of St. George.
The attack in Tanta were 27 deaths and at least 78 wounded.

In Alexandria, where took place the second attack were seventeen dead and about 41 wounded, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Health. The fear is that the death toll will still rise further.

Shortly after the attacks, the responsibility was claimed by the IS terrorist organization.

Tanta is located in the Nile Delta, about a hundred kilometers north of the Egyptian capital Cairo. During the time of the explosion was very busy in the church in connection with the celebration of Palm Sunday.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry, the attack in Tanta anyway labeled a terrorist act.

Moment of blast in Egyptian church caught on live TV

Also in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria on Sunday a bomb gone off in a church. Messages about confirmed by the Egyptian Minister of Health. Authorities report that in Alexandria now fallen seventeen deaths. It would also have been injured in Alexandria sure 41 people.

By state media reported that the bombing in Alexandria is committed by a suicide bomber.

The Egyptian army to protect public buildings throughout the country. This President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi decided Sunday after the two bombings. The extra protection is expected to change little in the street. The state of emergency has been declared for at least three months.

Soldiers are everywhere in the country almost continuously ruled by generals since 1952. General al-Sisi holds the power since early July 2013.

Many Christians see in al-Sisi a shield against Sunni extremism Middle East teases. Of the more than ninety million Egyptians there are an estimated 13.5 million Christians.

Terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) claims to be responsible for two bombings in Egypt. Or the Egyptian authorities IS also holds responsibility for the attacks, is not yet known.

In Egypt are the last months more attacks before. In December, in a Coptic church in Cairo, 25 people were killed by an explosion. Even when dozens of people were injured. IS also said to be responsible for that attack.

The Dutch government has condemned the attacks.

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