data leak
Annie Loof, Anna Kinberg Batra, Ebba Busch Thor and Jan Bjorklund, the leaders of the Swedish opposition parties who submit the motion of mistrust.
Data-leak is making Swedish government unstable

By the scandal, right-wing opposition parties now call a motion of suspicion against three presiding ministers. That could lead to new elections, or at least to wreck the government.

The data crash in which personal data from millions of Sweden and state secrecy information is leaked endangers the survival of the Swedish government.

Concretely, the ministers responsible for infrastructure, defense and home affairs, Anna Johansson, Peter Hultqvist and Anders Ygeman, respectively.

They are endorsed for their role in the IT outsourcing contract that the Swedish transport agency in 2015 attributes to IBM. This was speeded up for savings reasons, thereby circumventing internal security procedures. As a result, the data was accessible to Czech IBM employees who were not screened in advance.

According to Reuters, the four center-right opposition parties will submit the motion of distrust and are supported by the nationalist / extremist Swedish Democrats. If that happens effectively, they will win the mood.

The current government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven consists of Greens and Social Democrats, but they occupy only 138 of the 349 seats in parliament. That parliament is currently in summer recess, but the opposition wants to submit a request to gather it in the next ten days.

Not just IBM fault
The scandal surrounding the data signal was already in the process of making a living. In January, the then Director General of the Swedish Transport Agency had to step up. She was later convicted of a fine of 7,300 crowns, half of her monthly salary. An amount that, according to critics, was not proportional to the amount of data damage.

The errors are not limited to the outsourcing contract with IBM, which does not comment on the case. For example, in March, data were sent to all marketers about all vehicles and their drivers in the country. That was not the problem itself, did not it include the names, addresses, photos and other info of combat pilots, guarded witnesses, police officers and special military units.

Meanwhile, the certified agency has said that it has no knowledge that sensitive information has effectively fallen in the wrong hands. Premier Löfven has promised more stringent laws for handling sensitive material. Even if they are bypassed by the outsourcing contract.

Elections and/or resignation
The Swedish government’s course, which began in 2014, usually ends in September 2018. Jonas Hinnfors, political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, warns Reuters that it is possible with Prime Minister Lofven to go out of all directions. For example, he called for early elections in 2014 after an opposition budget proposal won more votes than that of his own government. Even though the election was withdrawn after a compromise.

Hinnfors does not rule out the government repealing or announcing early elections. Even if they do not replace the next elections in 2018, that is to say, the Swede must have a ballot twice in a short period of time. “The alternative is to stay heavy, which in itself is problematic for the government. This is a crisis for the government and credibility of the prime minister,” it sounds. The government itself will come up with a statement later.

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