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Charging points: 1000 additional for electric cars along German motorways

Along the German Autobahn, by 2020 there will be a thousand new charging points for electric cars. Germany wants to get more than one million electric cars on the road.

Today, 50,000 electric cars have been registered in Germany. The country has the ambition to get one million electric cars by 2020. For this reason, EnBW energy company will install a thousand new electrical charging points along the German highways. This will increase the loading network in Germany by 25 percent. By 2020 all loading points must be operational.

Realistic goal?

It is only questionable whether Germany can achieve its ambition by placing almost a thousand additional charging stations. By comparison, our country targets 60,000 electric cars by 2020, but will add 2,500 additional charging stations.

According to a survey by ING’s economic office, there are three reasons why people do not yet buy an electric car: frontloading infrastructure (20% of consumers), a too sharp range of action (28%) and the high price of electric cars ( 40%).

The last two problems will disappear due to the ever cheaper and smaller batteries. In addition, the German government has also given a grant of 4000 euros on the purchase of an electric car since last year, just like our country. However, the lack of charging stations along the German motorway remains a problem. According to EnBW, the government’s objective is possible if the shortage of charging stations is no longer an obstacle.

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