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Apple News patent calls Dutch thinkers

In 2014, we discovered that Dutch Prss was taken over by Apple. The team left for California to work there on Apple News.

Meanwhile they are back in the Netherlands, where Apple News is still unusable. But USPTO has now published the patent, which describes the invention of the Apple News Format. That patent, except Elings, also mentions the Dutch Glenn Wolters, Martin Walvius and Tom Klaver. Ironically, the app is not yet available in its own country.

Apple News patent based on PRSS
Michel Elings, the brain behind PRSS, reports on his Linkedin page:

“Worked on ANF in the, an authoring tool called News Publisher on iCloud, News Preview, and multiple undisclosed projects for other Apple platforms. Multiple patents filed and awarded.”

And that turns out, because Elings has at least 10 patents on its name, all of which are all about the same: displaying documents and pictures in a digital interface. The team formerly used PRSS, a tool to create your own magazine on the iPad. The idea arose when Elings and travel photographer Jochem Wijnands made their own travel magazine on the iPad called TRVL and thought that there would be a need for a general tool. When PRSS stopped plotting, we already knew something was going on. Apple also saw the idea and used PRSS to eventually make Apple News.

The patent called “Graphical User Interface for Providing Video in a Document Reader Application” shows how to image and video images in a document via a feed. It also shows the individual view of documents.

The patent has already been registered in September 2016, but is now only published (as usual). In the same year it was also assigned.

Less developments
Despite the smart ideas behind Apple News, you hardly hear anything about it. For example, the service did not even come true during the last WWDC, and there were also no workshops or other sessions about the app this year. According to Apple, there are more than 70 million users, despite the fact that the app is still available in a limited number of countries.

It seems a little bit that Apple has shifted attention to other services. The only thing we’ve heard about in recent weeks is that publishers may also sell items through Apple News, making it a bit competing with Blendle.

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