Afghanistan: 80 People Killed by bombings in Kabul

During the peak hours, a very powerful bomb went down in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. According to the Afghan Ministry of Health, 80 people died during the explosion and 350 victims were injured. The attack has not yet been claimed.

Exceptionally Powerful
The bombing, which has been one of the most deadly in Kabul since times, took place in the start of the Ramadam (the fasting period for Muslims) near the German embassy. However, there are all kinds of important offices and buildings (including a NATO office) in the neighborhood. As a result, it is not entirely clear what exactly the target of the attack was, a police spokesman told Reuters.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Health, there are up to 80 deaths to regret.

Because of the rush hour there are very many victims. Images show burning cars, completely destroyed walls and buildings and dozens of dead and injured. The nearby Wazir Akhbar Khan hospital is chaos alike, while ambulances bring in many wounds and relatives in panic and fear seek their neighbors. The French and Chinese embassies were also affected, but these authorities do not report human casualties.

At the first world leaders to respond to the attack, Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India’s largest neighbor, was in charge. “In addition to Afghanistan, India is fighting all forms of terrorism. The forces that support terror must be defeated, “said a powerful Modi on Twitter.

Afghanistan in precarious situation

Since Operation Enduring Freedom – the US intervention in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 – ended, it is high days for fundamentalist rebels in Afghanistan. These islamist rebels in Afghanistan are the Taliban and the younger IS. Although the Afghan army is still receiving a lot of support from, among others, the US, government troops are thinly spread and there is great fear that the Afghan army could impede exhaustion.

When an opposition is being taken by the rebels, the best government forces are mobilized in all directions and sent to the hot zone, but the government is unable to control the country as a whole.

Currently, many regions in the country are under control / influence of the Taliban or IS. In the north-east of the country is Kunduz occupied territory and in the north-west almost the entire border area with Turkmenistan is unsafe. Additionally, the entire southern middle of the land between Farah and Chost is under control or strong influence of the Taliban or IS. As a result, the whole country could once again fall into a Taliban regime like the situation in Afghanistan before 9/11.

Translated from Source