Bombings at Funeral
Afghanistan: 10 People killed by Bombings at Funeral

Near the Afghan capital Kabul, ten people were killed by tree explosions. The bombs went off during the funeral meeting for a victim who died during fighting between the Afghan police and demonstrators on Friday.
That reports to AP and Reuters press agencies.

Besides the dead, dozens of people became injured. Who is behind the bombing is not yet known.
The bombs explode during a funeral near the Afghan capital Kabul.

The man who was buried demonstrated against the government of Afghanistan. The activists demanded the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah. They are held responsible for an attack in the embassy district last Wednesday. There explosed a tank truck full of explosives, ninety-one killed. The protesters demand better protection against attacks.

Afghanistan is often hit by attacks in the last month. The country has been involved in a struggle between the government and the Taliban for ten years. Islamic State (IS) has been bombarded in the country recently. For example, the terrorist group committed a suicide attack on a NATO convoy in Kabul in early May. IS and the Taliban are also at war with each other.

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